Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thrifting, the lost lid, DIY coasters and some exciting news.

I normally go thrifting every Thursday as I've previously mentioned, it's discount day. Last Thursday I found some cute things and a something that meant a whole lot to my Grandmother.

 These are a pair of boots I got for $6, I love them and they fit like a dream. They're all leather and I think the most comfortable things that have ever been on my feet.

 I love these cute glass plates to hold tea things, a lid for a Pyrex 475 casserole and a glass insulator.

 My mini insulator collection.

 Jeffrey acted like I was nuts when I grabbed the bag of jar lids and rubbers, uh they are a DOLLAR. He asked if that was a good deal, heck yes it is silly man. There was also a bag of cookie cutters I need to have.

 There were some interesting ones in there for sure!

The lid. While we were at my Nana and Papa's for Mother's day I noticed that my Nana didn't have the lid to her kettle...and then I thought back and realized she never had it for as long as I can remember. I asked her what happened to it and she said it vanished a long time ago. I told her that if I ever find one in a thrift store I'll get it to her, we both knew it was a long shot and I've never seen on before but hey, you never know. Last Thursday I spotted this and yelped, I called her while I was still in the store, she was so excited! 

Today was a lazy Tuesday, I decided I wanted to do a little project.

 Scrabble tile coasters! All you need are the things pictured above.

Go through your tiles and decide what message you want to send to the world through your coaster.

 Geronimo was sitting to my left and every time a tile would drop he'd pounce on it.

 I'm aware of the fact that I'm slightly predictable. Cut the cork to size and then glue the tiles on to it.

 And you're done! You can seal the tiles if you want to as well, you can just use some Krylon clear varnish.

Last but not least I became an Aunt again over the weekend!

His name is Colin Michael and he is the sweetest little thing. I'm going to be doing a newborn shoot for him in the next couple of weeks.

Happy thrift hunting, DIYing and cat cuddling. :)


  1. I got a lid with my tea pot from Goosefeathers and just threw it in the drawer.

  2. Use the lid, it's there for a reason.